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                                                                  Collected after Workshop
“It’s completely impossible to describe to anybody who wasn’t there what Lise does and the magic she weaves.  She just intuitively knows precisely what each individual person needs to completely let go, drop the ‘mask’, and emerge like a beautiful butterfly from the shell of the chrysalis. And, even more awe-inspiring to me, is that whilst working with each individual, she includes the whole group in a goose-bump inducing demonstration of what it means to be human and deeply connected.  A couple of days later it hit me: Lise is a heart-whisperer. “
Kimberley Hare, Kaizen Training
"I had the pleasure of being a participant in a workshop with Lise, where she led a group of around 15 people in a 2 hour “connection masterclass". The whole experience was a fabulous demonstration of the power of connection between a small group of people. Lise created a fabulously supportive learning environment, which in turn encouraged the group to fully participate and for several individuals to sing, perform and connect on a deeply profound level with the whole group. For everyone that was involved this was a rich learning experience on a totally different level and from a completely different direction than most "technique" based training courses. As a demonstration of the power and ever present nature of connection for anybody who works as a trainer, Lise has something very different and important to share with you." 
Ian Webster, Founder - BusinessThinkingRevolution
“I have attended many personal development seminars, trainings and read many books, always looking for the next way to help myself and my clients. My session with Lise Dandanell exceeded anything I’d ever experienced. It was like she had some sort of sixth sense and knew exactly what was needed. I was challenged to do something that tested my beliefs about what I was capable of and came out of it with a new sense of self worth and feeling that I was connected to others in a way I had not felt before.  I am eternally grateful for the gift of support I received from both Lise and the group of wonderful people that made the experience so powerful.  I cannot recommend her highly enough”.
Mo Harford, Momentum Training
“I found the session on Wednesday night to be a really emotional experience and one that I couldn’t help but throw myself into . Lise - the skill that you demonstrated in creating such a supportive and warm environment was amazing – you have a calm and confident air about you and seem to have an instinctive gift to know how best to encourage the individual volunteers to draw something special out of themselves and bring this to the rest of the group. It meant a lot for me to able to share this ‘gift’ with the rest of the group. Magic!!!”
Ray Bates, TescoBank
“To be part of this workshop was to be part of something that is almost impossible to describe! One of the most amazing and magical moments of group connection I have ever experienced. Lise effortlessly intuits what each person needs in order to connect to both themselves and the group, and the result has to be seen to be believed. If you have any fears about doing this workshop, ignore them and do it anyway! A moment that will not just change your life, but will also be a gift to those of the people around you.”
Amber Inman-Kent
"I was lucky enough to be a participant in a session facilitated by Lise Dandanell in March 2014.  I think the session was around presentation skills - I'm not sure, actually, and that is because her session ended up being so much more than just that. It was an exploration of the courage and the expressiveness that sits within all of us.  Lise has a soothingly calm and gentle approach, and a rich, treacly-warm voice.  Her use of song, and encouragement to all of us to capture the power of singing, gave me 'permission' to be able to conquer my great fear of speaking in public.  Her intuitive sense of what people could be capable of, if they let themselves, gave us the tools to be able to bury that fear.  When I think back to that session, I don't just think of the magic and the emotion (of which there was plenty).  My enduring memory is of a group of people 'awakening' and becoming aware of how natural, right and captivating it is when we fully understand and appreciate who we are, and can share that with the world.  Ach, I loved that session - so incredibly moving.  Feel a bit like my life is now split into 2 distinct epochs - before BFL and after BFL!”
Sabrina Pathan, Toynbee Hall
"I have never experienced anything quite like the evening I spent with Lise....she had an amazing intuitive style, making the group feel at ease and delivering an enlightening memorable session.  I was one of her volunteers - I am normally quite reserved but something in Lise's style made me want to be part of this amazing event.  I also witnessed and will never forget the magic she wove on the rest of the group.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.” 
Eva Harrison, Team Wellbeing
“Firstly I'd like to start with my extraordinary first meeting with Lise. I came in on the Wednesday morning very unfocused and could not clear my thoughts. I didn't know who to speak to but Lise was in the room when I got there. She introduced herself and I instantly knew from the poise and calm in her face and eyes that I could open up to her. I felt implicitly that I could trust her and she almost felt familiar to me even though we had never met before this time. We only spoke for 5-10 mins as others entered the room and I did most of the talking at her. But she listened and her eyes shone with warmth. I felt clear headed and ready for an entire new day of learning! It is rare to find such trust so quickly with a stranger.   For weeks now I have been switching off music as my head has felt so full of information and stress that there felt like no room for music in my thoughts as well....  I watched in the evening as a support to those who volunteered while Lise completed a warm up with us all, the invitation from her to join her in a 'sharing experience' made you feel intrigued and very much as though it was your choice.  I felt sick with racing heart palpitations as we started volunteering to sing IN PUBLIC! My mind was desperately reaching for lyrics! But blocked. I used to love music and frequently sing at home but couldn't think of a single song I knew the words to. I watched as Lise invited each volunteer to share their song. She has an extraordinary gift to create space for them to explore what they had shared, why they had shared it even. She responded to each person with such a gentle nature, something Ive never seen before! A combination of sharing, trust, relief and immense team spirit formulated with each person sharing.  By the end another member of the group and myself were jumping up and down and signing songs to each other so released by what we had been invited to be part of. I have listened to music and sung every day since with music now giving me a sense of peace.  Thank you again to Lise for her wonderful belief of knowing whats right for people in a moment of sharing and acceptance”
Beth Duke, Marks and Spencer
“It was my pleasure last week to attend a session being facilitated by Lise Dandanell.  Lise delivered a thought provoking, engaging and emotional session on connectedness.  It was very moving, largely because of the delicate, subtle, empathetic and engaging way in which the session was run.  Lise was amazing and it was a pleasure to experience her at work.”
Stuart Neath, Robin Development
I met Lise on the very last Brain Friendly Learning with Kimberley Hare and Kaizen and I instantly warmed to her gentle, intriguing personality.  I had worked with Lise a couple of times throughout the workshop and decided to attend one of the evening ‘Masterclasses’ which was being run by her.  A week on, I’m not entirely sure what went on in that room. I sang, in front of a room of strangers. If somebody had told me beforehand that I’d have a life changing moment by singing willingly I would have told them otherwise. It wasn’t just singing however, because without prescription, thought and pressure, a room full of strangers who lead in their profession, metaphorically stripped off and showed the room what was inside. Like I said, I’m not sure what happened, but after that night, I grew a foot taller, my lungs are twice the size and already reaping the benefits of Lise’s magic. Thank you!”
Simon Ratcliffe, Alton Towers Resort
“When Lise said that we would be singing together at our evening master class I instantly felt apprehensive as I find singing very personal, I literally only ever do it alone for fear of someone saying telling me to be quiet or that I am no good but I felt I would be doing myself a disservice by not seeing what it was all about, after all I was here to learn and anything I could do to get over this fear would be amazing. When I discovered we had the opportunity to sing solo and share part of ourselves with the rest of the group I could not believe how incredible Lise was in make everyone feel so comfortable and how wonderfully talented she was at knowing exactly what that person needed in that moment so they could forget all the insecurities going on in their head and concentrate on connecting with the other people in the room in a way I never dreamed I would be able to. The fear of what other people think of me is something that has held me back for so many years and to think that Lise helped me make a real breakthrough to overcome this in a couple of hours is testament to the wonderful and truly  gifted individual she is. I will be grateful for her experience for the rest of my life.”
Sarah Woodward, Fossil Inc.
“I recently was lucky enough to experience an amazing evening workshop with Lise.  Lise has the most beautiful energy, she works from her heart and created a safe, nurturing and loving environment for participants to completely be themselves and do things in public they never thought they'd do, i.e. sing!  It wasn't just about the singing though, it was an honour to be part of what was a very emotional but outstanding evening.  A lot of people let go of a lot of things that night and it is one that we definitely won't forget.  Magic.”
Maria Willis, Construction Coach
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