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I offer individual , couple , family and group sessions.
All courses customized to your / your needs.


Individual sessions :
We are working to finded a contact in you that makes you able to take the best leadership for your life.

The sessions can be for you, to a greater or lesser extent, who perform one or more of these descriptions :
If locked, the stress, the excessive thoughts, low self-esteem, anxiety, lack glance, lacking profits, the "something more " , is unhappy, feeling guilt and shame, suffering from addictions, find it difficult to implement the goals, have little impact, is depressed, lifecrises, suffering from post-traumatic stress, experiencing trauma, " I'm right ", " are particularly sensitive ", suffering from various disorders and other inhibiting properties .

Couple sessions :
We have a tendency to hang onto and reinforce bad patterns, which only makes us dissatisfied with ourselves and our partner. But starting in the honeymoon period, and if both parties want, it is also possible to find your way to love again, and to keep that love for the rest of their lives .
Have you otherwise decided that you want a divorce, I will help you to do this in a respectful and loving way, so you benefit yourself, your separate future, not to mention your any children.

Family - group sessions :
Do you have problems or challenges , and can you (or some of you ) have an incentive to deal with them together, I help families and other groups.


Feel free to call me with your questions.
The sessions take place in premises in Copenhagen and North Zealand , but also in special cases be kept private or in business.