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For Businesses: The seminar will be designed especially for the individual company. 

Family and group seminars: The seminar will be designed specifically for each group. 

Open seminars:

This seminar has many titles: "The Voice inside Me", "Clarity", "Your Life leadership"

The day is spent being in the present moment and ends in song. We will be singing together and for those who like, people will be able to enrich themselves and us with the experience to "being in touch".
Because when you are in this contact, you will meet yourself with joy, love, respect and interest, and when you dare to meet yourself this place, you will also be able to meet others through (and in) this place.
In other words, you will be able to take the best leadership for your life - all the way around. 

There is no need to be scared out of your gots, please check out these testimonials.

This seminar is also ideal for leadership development, because a leader´s capacity to be PRESENT, and to connect with themselves and others is their most important.